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Becool Quantum Y35 BE SOLID-MELANGE Becool

Becool Quantum Y35 BE SOLID-MELANGE

Be Cool Quantum - modernly designed baby stroller. Patterns in particular variants gives the pushchair exceptional look

Feel so stylish with this neat stroller! Quantum's agility will allow you to walk smoothly in any space. At the same time, the durability causes it to withstand very long service life.

Bucket seat

The bucket seat will surprise you with comfort and safety. Your child can sit in it even when he or she is still learning how to sit (about 5-6 months). In addition, you will be sure that the toddler won't slide down - it has a stable position. This is a healthy seat.

Rearward facing:
Two positions of Be Cool Quantum seat
With this stroller your child admires the beautiful world from two perspectives, in Be Cool Quantum can sit front or back to mom or dad. He looks forward to his or her parent and what is behind him. Rotate the seat when you want, in a simple, quick way.

Reversible fabric:
One stroller - two colours!
Every textil in Be Cool Quantum change a colour! Take off the upholstery, turn it and put it into the frame. You have a second color! All is only one moment, it depends just of your mood or season.

Adjust as you wish!
Adjustment will allow you to perfectly align all important parts to you and other leader's preferences. Also your child will feel completely comfortable.

The handlebar changes the angle - up and down.
The canopy expands.
Footrest is adjustable.
The bucket seat changes - a reclining position or a sitting position.

Fold your stroller - quickly and easily
Be Cool Quantum can be folded with a mounted seat. You can put it up it in just few seconds - saving you time and energy. The stroller stands when it's folded. Place it where you want.


- Open: 103x58x86 cm.

- Folded: 71x58x31 cm


- Chassis: 6,1 kg

- seat unit: 3,4 kg

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  • Brand: Becool
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