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iZi Flex S FIX Fresh Black Cab Besafe Besafe

iZi Flex S FIX Fresh Black Cab Besafe Besafe € 312.90

iZi Flex S FIX Fresh Black Cab Besafe

Smart and practical safety.
Weight: 15-36 kg
Age: approx. 4 – 12 years

BeSafe iZi Flex S FIX is a slightly slimmed down version of the popular iZi Flex FIX i-Size that was launched in March 2018. It is based on the same smart design that allows you to fit up to three people in a row and has many of the same smart features for safety, comfort and space flexibility.

A safe choice
Really good side impact protection with flex performance construction in the side wings and SIP bumpers
Lockable ISOfix arms allow for an easy installation and prevent misuse
Shoulderbeltguiders for optimal belt positioning

Comfort on every journey
Headrest specifically shaped for an improved view and sleeping support
Easy height adjustment to grow with the child
Integrated carrying handle
High quality materials

Unique space flexibility
Slim design that still gives the child plenty of space
Detachable SIP bumpers allow fitting up to three people in one row

Detachable SIP bumpers
When space flexibility meets side impact protection

The SIP bumpers add an extra safety layer on top of the flex performance construction in the side wings of the seat. By making an earlier contact between the seat and the door in a side impact, less movement takes place which means less forces on the child.
By being detachable, the SIP bumpers at the same time provide you and your family with the space flexibility you need in your family car. If you install two or three child car seats next to each other, you can easily remove the SIP bumper facing the inside of the car to give you more space. We recommend to always keep the SIP bumper on that is facing to the door side.

The integrated carrying handle
Easily move the seat between your cars

iZi Flex S FIX features a carrying handle that is integrated into its top end of the seat. You can easily pull it out when wanting to move the seat between cars or carry it from your home to the car, and can stow it away when not in use. Together with weighing only 7 kg, this gives you the flexibility of easily moving the seat on your daily travel routines.

The headrest design
For an improved view and sleeping support

The headrest of iZi Flex S FIX has a special design that is optimized for sleeping support and a wide view range. Its V-shape gives children optimal support on both sides and makes it easy for them to rest their head against it when getting tired on car journeys.


Approved: ECE R44-04
Weight: 15-36 kg
Age: approx. 4 – 12 years (Disclaimer)

Direction: Forward facing
Installation: 3-point vehicle belt or ISOfix in combination with 3-point vehicle belt

L x W x H: 42 x 52 x 64 cm (in lowest position and incl. SIP bumpers)
Width without SIP bumpers: 44 cm
Seat height in highest position: 82 cm

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