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Twist 2.0 661 Blazer

Twist 2.0 661 Blazer

Studies show that babies and toddlers are safest in the backward-facing position when travelling by car. This is why baby car seats are designed to be installed facing backwards in the car. But in terms of car seat design, what babies have had for years is only just coming into effect for toddlers. The Be Cool Twist 2.0 car seat group 0 1 - 0 18 kg is one of the seats that is both suitable for babies and for older children, designed to allow both to utilise the secure, backwards-facing position in the car. This position is more shock-absorbing in the event of an accident. The seat can also be attached facing forwards on the Isofix Station, something which parents may want to utilise for older children.

The Be Cool Twist 2.0 car seat group 0 1 - 0 18 kg impresses with its easy handling: This restraint system consists of both an Isofix Station and a seat unit. The Isofix Station has Isofix hooks and an extra support foot for added security. Both can be folded and retracted to make the Isofix Station easy to transport – from one car to another, for example. There is a control panel that switches from red to green to tell you when the Isofix Station has been correctly installed. Fixing the car seat into place is also incredibly simple. Simply hook it into place, and use one hand grip to release it again.

Last but not least, the Be Cool Twist 2.0 car seat group 0 1 - 0 18 kg really does adapt to the varying needs of young children: The inside of the seat is softly padded and comes with a removable seat liner. The headrest gives additional support and adjusts in height. The 5-point belt has padding on its shoulder and buckle, and is easy to open, fasten and adjust in length. The seat itself adjusts into a sleeping position, too – either facing backwards or forwards, in the direction of travel.

Group 0 and group 1
Includes: Seat and Isofix station
Suitable for children from birth and weighing up to 18 kg / aged 4 years
Special feature: Can face forwards or backwards - even for children weighing over 9 kg
Simple installation
Incl. padded 5-point belt system
Incl. seat liner for new-borns
Incl. height-adjustable headrest
Seat adjusts into napping position
Isofix Station:
Incl. support foot
Incl. extending Isofix hooks
Incl. control panel for easier installation
Seat unit simply hooks into Isofix Station

Weight 14.6 kg

Length 62.5 cm x Width 42 cm x Height 76 cm

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