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Protector Fix Blue Steel [913] Casualplay

Protector Fix Blue Steel [913] Casualplay € 325.90

Protector Fix Blue Steel [913]

Comfort from "head to toe" with Isofix fittings

At Casualplay we provide a solution for the main problem during this period: "slumped heads." We want children to travel in the utmost comfort, whether they are awake or asleep. As a result, the Protectors range was designed for the child to rest their head comfortably in the seat. Thanks to the recline angle achieved by the unique Comfort Leg & Head system, children are perfectly comfortable when they travel. That means that family outings will be relaxed and much safer. With this Isofix version, we have also increased the Passive Safety.

By turning the double device in the Comfort Leg & Head system, the seat rises as the child's legs grow. So they will be properly supported from 3 to over 10 years old. The Comfort Leg & Head device also gives you the recline angle you want for the backrest. Both the child's legs and head will be properly supported. Well rested children, safe journeys.

- Reclines like no other

You choose the recline angle you want. Its independent backrest, and the design of the Isofix fittings, create an "extra" space between the Protector Fix's seat and the backrest of the car seat. The exclusive "comfort triangle" that lets you adjust the recline angle.

- With Comfort Leg & Head system

You adjust the recline angle and the length of the seat using the double front device in the Comfort Leg & Head system. Obtaining the desired recline angle whenever you want is that easy

- Head perfectly secured

The recline angle obtained makes resting the head on the headrest easy, avoiding the "slump" forward. Encourages a comfortable and natural neck posture. The height of the headrest, with a single height of 730 mm, guarantees this correct support until your child is older.

- Legs supported perfectly

As your child grows they always have the right support for their legs, thanks to the first extendible seat, because the depth of the seat can also be adjusted. Helps the legs rest, avoids "forced" postures that lead to discomfort and unhappiness.

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