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Nerf Striker Nerf Hauck Hauck

Nerf Striker Nerf Hauck Hauck € 227.90

Nerf Striker Nerf Hauck

With the NERF Striker, the successful NERF playing fun receives an entirely new dimension and all sorts of action. Many recesses and clips for the NERF Darts and storage consoles for multiple NERF Blasters of different sizes guarantee reinforcements on board. The Go-Kart for children ages 4 and up has a racy design coordinated to the NERF Blasters and therefore hits the nerve of the target group exactly. It’s NERF or nothing!

The NERF Striker from hauck is a go-kart for beginners ages 4 and up for action-packed NERF playing fun. In addition to the ease of operation and adjustable seat position, the go-kart offers many recesses and clips for NERF Darts and storage consoles for several NERF Blasters. The hand brake can be operated with the right hand and works simultaneously on both rear wheels. 7.5 (19cm) wheels with rubber profile tires offer good ground clearance and sufficient grip on uneven terrain.

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  • 227.90€

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