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Inglesina [TRIO] Aptica Cab Sistema Quattro ALASKA BLUE Inglesina

Inglesina [TRIO] Aptica Cab Sistema Quattro ALASKA BLUE

The Glam Crossover.
Aptica is the new System Quattro by Inglesina featuring the unmistakable GLAM style, exceptionally comfortable for the baby, very easy to use by the parents and cared for in every single detail.

What's included
Welcome Pad and mattress
Infant car seat Cab (R44/04) or Darwin (R129)
Standup support for carrycot and car seat
Reversibile stroller seat
Leg cover for stroller
Storage basket
Cup holder


We give your sweet baby all the space they deserve
The pram is more than just a way to transport your baby. It is a place your baby will spend many hours of their first delicate months of life.
That’s why we have designed the perfect environment, welcoming them with all the required comfort and safety.

Our large carrycot
In the first months of life, the bone and muscle structure of a newborn baby is very fragile: the lying position helps to prevent overloading any body part by evenly distributing your baby's weight.
-79 x 37 cm are the generous internal dimensions of the carrycots, which extend usage time as much as possible, even when your baby is wrapped up in a winter muff or wearing a padded babygrow.
-Adjustable backrest: when the baby is awake, they can watch the world.
-Rigid polypropylene shell, to protect the baby from accidental knocks and bumps. Approved for transport by car using its special kit auto Maxi. The carrycot structure features the “Parking Belt System: dedicated compartments to store away the Auto Kit belts when not in use.

Comfort in all season
Newborns do not yet have the ability to make the best use of the thermoregulation centres of their central nervous system, their skin is thin and easily attacked by UV rays, cold and polluting agents.
-The base is equipped with a ventilation control system, to regulate the flow of air and temperature inside the carrycot.
-The mesh insert on the hood allow air to flow inside to keep the environment cool and well-ventilated.
-The mesh insert at the front of the carrycot allow air to flow inside to keep the environment cool and well-ventilated.
-Hood in anti-UV (UPF50+) treated fabric with sun visor for shielding against direct sunlight even when the sun is low on the horizon.
-Cover with double panel, to protect the baby from the wind and cold.
-Quick-access” apron, to place the newborn easily into the carrycot without having to detach the apron first.

Internal carrycot (w x h x p): 37 x 22 x 79 cm
External carrycot (w x h x p): 44 x 67 x 90 cm
Weight: 5,6 Kg
complete pram carrycot + chassis (w x h x p): 50 x 117 x 89/100 cm


We support comfort and the correct posture
When babies are newly born they are fragile and helpless, they abandon the safety of their mother’s womb to face the outside world: help them to feel at ease, protected, snug and maintain correct posture.

Welcome Pad™
Designed by Inglesina in collaboration with the Neonatology department of the Ospedale Maggiore hospital in Bologna, and made in observance of the latest scientific well-being and safety guidelines.
-Gives the baby the surrounding and protection that he needs, especially in the first 7-9 weeks of life.
-Mitigates the risk of plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome)
-Promotes lying on the back and helps keep the airways aligned.
-Adapts to the growth of the baby, thanks to the adjustable cylinder for supporting the legs.
-The carrycot mattress is made of medium density foam with 40 holes for ventilation, spread uniformly. The part in contact with the baby is covered with bamboo fibre, which is highly breathable, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. A 3D mesh is applied to the base to improve air circulation and prevent the build-up of humidity.
-Both Welcome Pad and Carrycot mattress are covered with bamboo fibre, which is highly breathable, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, perfect for your child's delicate skin.


Why wake up your baby?
Thanks to the Standup, the carrycot can be positioned comfortably and hygienically inside the house (even while travelling), turning it into an actual bed for the night to be placed next to yours.
If your baby falls asleep, avoid waking them up when coming back from your stroll. This is good for the baby and for you, too.


Travel Safely
For every car ride, even the shortest ones, always secure your baby in the car seat.

Cab infant car seat Group 0+ approved according to European ECE R44/04 standard.
Approved according to European ECE R44/04 standard for group 0+ (from 0 to 13 kg in weight). Cab Base belted can be purchased separatelly.

-Side Head Protection system for greater safety of your infant in the case of side impact.
-Height-adjustable head hugger with central mechanism. The 3-point safety harness is incorporated into the head hugger and is height-adjustable to grow at the same pace as your child.
-Ergonomic shape with ideal tilt angle for the correct posture of the baby.
-Head hugger covered with soft jersey fabric, designed ergonomically to promote the correct posture for the baby during the first few months of life.
-Practical central release mechanism at the rear of the backrest. It can be easily unhooked and hooked to the optional car base, the Standup or the chassis, without needing any adapters.

Internal width of backrest: 27 cm
Internal height of backrest: 51 cm
Internal width of seat: 24 cm
External infant car seat (w x h x p): 42 x 60 x 64 cm.
Weight: 4,4 Kg


The Chassis
It opens and closes with just one hand, and stays standing when closed without the handle touching the ground, so your hands do not get dirty.
Made of aluminum, the chassis features a leatherette solid handle and large shock-absorbent wheels designed to tackle city cobblestones or uneven terrain while guaranteeing total comfort for your child.
It opens and closes with just one hand
-Large wheels with easy-push ball bearings, suitable for tackling all terrains. The front wheels have a diameter of 190 mm, rear wheels have a diameter of 260 mm.
-Agile and ultra compact (only 50 cm wide), it passes through the narrowest spaces.
-The roomy basket features a reinforced base and is equipped with an extra zip-fastening storage compartment. Reflective material makes evening strolls safer.
-Once folded, the chassis is extremely compact. It remains upright on its own and the handle does not touch the ground.
-Height-adjustable solid handle with 4 positions.
-Handle with leatherette-covered grip.

Chassis dimensions when open: (w x h x p) 50 x 99,5/109,5 x 84/96 cm
Chassis dimensions when closed: (w x h x p) 50 x 90 x 34 cm
Chassis weight: 8,3 Kg


The reversible, comfortable and completely reclining stroller
You will use the stroller for a long time, it is essential that it is comfortable for your baby because they will spend many hours sleeping and exploring the world around them.
The stroller closes with the seat attached in either parent or street facing positions and stands on its own when closed. The fabric and handle never touch the ground so your hands do not come in contact with dirt. We designed it this way specifically because we believe hygiene is important when handling your baby.
-The stroller opens and closes with just one hand, and stays standing when closed without the handle touching the ground, so your hands do not get dirty.
-The seat is reversible, its position can face mom or the street, and it can be easily hooked and unhooked thanks to a convenient centralized mechanism.
-The seat and footrest both recline completely flat.
-To provide maximum protection from sunlight, the hood features UPF50+ fabric and is equipped with an additional sun visor that can be stowed away when not in use.
-To keep your child cool and ventilated, a mesh insert in the hood ensures proper air circulation around the stroller seat.
-The soft padded footmuff can be attached to the seat to protect your child from the cold.

Width of backrest: 32 cm
Height of backrest: 53 cm
Width of stroller seat: 33 cm
Stroller when open (w x h x d): 50 x 112 x 84/99 cm
Stroller when closed (w x h x d): 50 x 90 x 42 cm
Weight : 12,3 Kg


Maximum cleanliness and hygiene
All fabric lining is fully removable and can be hand washed at 30 °C. Our chassis are designed so that the handles do not touch the ground when folded; in this way your hands do not come in contact with dirt: hygiene is very important because the interaction with the baby is continuous.

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