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Jane DUO Trider formula Matrix U06 COLD BLACK Jane

Jane DUO Trider formula Matrix U06 COLD BLACK Jane € 995.00

Jane DUO Trider formula Matrix U06 COLD BLACK

Trider offers you a chassis with minimalist style but with all the benefits of an extreme design. The three large diameter wheels are perfect for adapting to any terrain and surface, and the front wheel swivels to give maximum freedom of movement. The brilliant long length suspension stroke with adjustable shock absorber, offers the baby maximum comfort. The Seat Unit is reversible, the baby can enjoy his trip out facing the street or travelling backwards, facing his parents. The height of the Seat Unit means the seat can also be used as a high chair, as it adapts perfectly to the table top. The elevated position of the seat is also ideal for your child’s health as it keeps him away from pollution and car fumes. The compact folded size (even without removing the three wheels) and the lightness of the aluminium make it easy to take with you wherever you want.

A: Fastening to the chassis: Pro-fix. The new carrycots from Jané, as well as the new group 0+Matrix Light 2 and Strata can be attached quickly and safely.
B: Patented folding system reduces the size by up to 30%.
C: Easy unfolding system that only needs one hand.
D: Reversible and removable hammock.
E: Inverted “C” shaped rear structure makes it noticeably easier to push the buggy, leaving more foot space, making it more convenient to use.
F: Anodised aluminium tubular chassis.
G: Adjustable backrest with 3 reclining positions plus 1 folding position.
H: Type of parking brake on the handle: very easy to use handbrake.
I: Removable rear wheels.
J: Adjustable rear suspension with shock absorber. Suspension can be adjusted according to the child’s weight, or the user’s preferences, it can be made harder or softer.
K: Anti-puncture tyres.
L: Lockable steering.

Adjustable backrest
Shields from the winds
Hard-wearing and does not stain

DIMENSIONS: open 83/108x60x108cm – folded 70x60x39cm – weight 10Kg


The outstanding multi-functional Matrix Light, the evolution of the award-winning classic Matrix. It is the only infant car seat on the market (patented) that offers the option of safely travelling with baby in the sitting up or lying down position in your car, especially recommended by health officials for long journeys.

This means that if baby is sleeping in the Matrix Light in the house he can be safely moved to the car, taken to the shops, and brought back home again without ever having to be moved or disturbed from sleep.

And the big news is that the Matrix Light delivers great value for money as it can be used 24/7 - for overnight sleeping when used with a mattress, just like a conventional carrycot, or naps during the day.

The Best Value - Safety, Healthy, Simplicity and Practicality are the key factors in the Matrix system. A concept that responds to the pace of daily life, where space and efficiency call for multi-functional products. The new Matrix Light delivers the best value because it's a true multi-functional system that gives the advantages of a carrycot, yet converts effortlessly into a car seat - giving you the best of both worlds at a fraction of the price.

This new Matrix car seat offers greater depth and a larger interior making it more comfortable and, most importantly, safer in the event of an accident. The structure, along with the extra protection of the integral Polystyrene inner lining, acts as a protective barrier and shock absorber.

This new Matrix carrier has a more spacious interior and 20% lighter – making it much easier to use. Coupled with the fact that the integral harnesses are easier to adjust by just pressing a button and sliding them to the right position for baby, this carrier has put convenience and baby safety top of the list.

Newborn babies should ideally lie completely flat. As recommended by health officials, this position facilitates newborn respiration, nurtures the abdomen and aids optimal spinal development.

Not only is the Matrix's innovative design the response to all new parents who demand better adaptation of design to babies' delicate anatomy and their lifestyle, it is also endorsed by recent medical reports. The Matrix Light is JANÉ’s solution to the risks raised by specialists, thanks to its world-patented system, giving your baby the best start in life.

The Matrix caters for the first important months of your newborn baby's life with its healthier lie-flat position which can be used both in the car and on the chassis of the pram. It promotes the correct development of your baby’s delicate back and respiration system and also helps prevent 'Oxygen Desaturation'.

Medical research has proven that in some very young babies (especially premature babies) kept in car seats for more than an hour can have depressed respiration and lower oxygen levels, simply because they need to lie flat to breathe more easily. This is known as oxygen desaturation.

The reasons for Oxygen Desaturation may be varied but include the fact that newborns cannot hold their head upright. When the head 'flops' their airways narrow and the lungs are less efficient if the chest diaphragm is restricted by the restraint straps.

Whilst safety of newborns must be a number one priority for parents choosing a car seat, it is important not to ignore the health implications associated with using rear-facing seats - particularly for lengthy journeys. It is for these reasons, along with our demanding lifestyles based around the use of the car, that Jané’s Research and Design departments are focused in developing the most practical solutions for you and your baby which are both safe and healthy.

¦The Matrix Light is an evolution of the original classic Matrix and is the only infant car seat on the market (patented) that offers the option of safely carrying your baby sitting up or lying down, both positions approved for travelling in the car.
¦It's 20% lighter and has a more spacious interior than the previous Matrix versions.
¦Can be used as a carrycot and also for overnight sleeping when used with a mattress.
¦No Time Limits: Baby can initially travel lying down, helping his lungs to develop correctly and preventing any respiratory problems. This position, unlike conventional infant car seats, doesn't have any time restrictions that a newborn can travel in it.
¦Seat Belt Lock: The seat belt of the vehicle can be locked around the Matrix so it can be tightened to give more stability.
¦Universal: can be installed even in cars with shorter seat belts: low-routing.
¦Pro-fix system (Patented) - buttons on the handle control the handle position and allows you to unlock and lift the car seat off the chassis with just one hand. No Need to use or buy extra awkward fitting kits that also require two hands to unlock.
¦One-pull safety harness for easily adjusting harness length.
¦Automatic harness height adjustment system - The 5 point integral harness is now very easily adjusted, just press a button and slide the lever to the correct height for your baby and the harness adjusts automatically. And because there's no need to undo and rethread the harness as you child grows, it therefore eliminates user error.
¦The backrest has a 4 position recline - to adapt to the infant’s comfort. Two positions approved for use in the car under the safety regulations ECE R44/04.
¦180° Lie-flat Position, Group 0, infant weight up to 10kg (approx birth to 9months). Ideal for longer journeys and especially the first 4 months of life when baby needs to sleep peacefully.
¦138° Sitting-up Position, Group 0+, infant weight up to 13kg (approx birth to 18months). Ideal when baby is awake and wanting to play.
¦Ventilation holes in the shell, to avoid discomfort from perspiration.
¦Anti-Rotation device provides greater protection for your baby.

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