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Maxi-Cosi [TRIO] Adorra 2 + Jade i-Size + Tinca Essential Black Maxi-Cosi

Maxi-Cosi [TRIO] Adorra 2 + Jade i-Size + Tinca Essential Black


From birth up to approx. 4 years
0 - 22 kg

Air flow regulation
Shock absorbing wheels
XXL shopping basket
Magic buckle


Folds into compact fold
Upright position when folded for easy storage
Comfy seat with extra padding
Reversible, thermo-regulated mattress
Multiple recline positions
Lie-flat recline included for newborns
Big pram hood with peek-a-boo window
Adjustable leg rest
5-point safety harness with magnetic buckle for easy installation
Rain cover and shopping basket included, so you can bring everything you need


Let’s face it. As a parent, you never stop. When you’re always on the go, you need an agile pushchair that’s tough enough to keep up with real family life. That’s why Maxi-Cosi redesigned the most popular pushchair, packed with even more family-proof features: Maxi-Cosi Adorra².

Comfortable, redesigned pushchair

Our Maxi-Cosi Adorra² pushchair combines comfort and convenience, with plenty more to offer. The redesign of our most popular pushchair is family-proof and super comfortable.

Sun, wind or snow? Bring it on! The Adorra² has an ultra-padded cocooning seat with breathable fabric to keep your little one cool, comfortable and cosy all year long, no matter the weather. That’s one less thing to worry about.


At Maxi-Cosi your little one’s comfort is our highest priority. That's why, as a manufacturer, we redesigned our most-wanted pushchair, providing even more comfort. Add any of our compatible Maxi-Cosi carrycots or baby car seats, by simply clicking them onto the pushchair frame.

In addition, the seat in our Adorra² pushchair has an easy recline and lie-flat mode. The extra-large pram hood offers additional protection and an even cosier spot for your little one. In addition, a larger peek-a-boo window allows you to always keep an eye on them.

Comfort. Redesigned.

Maxi-Cosi Adorra² is a redesign of our most popular pushchair and is packed with even more family-proof features. Discover its magnetic buckle, which helps you to fasten your little one into their seat quickly, before they can wriggle away.

Need an extra pair of hands when you’re out and about? We’ve got you covered with an XXL shopping basket! Not to mention the ease of folding, carrying and packing the Maxi-Cosi pushchair in the boot of your car, for everyday adventures and weekend getaways.


Air flow regulation
Comfort. Whatever the weather. The Adorra has breathable mesh fabric to help regulate your baby's temperature, come wind, snow or heatwave.

Fits small boots
Always on the go? The Maxi-Cosi pushchair is super-easy to pick up, carry, fold away or pack into a small boot, ready for everyday adventures and weekend getaways.

XXL shopping basket
If you often go out to the shops for one thing and come back with ten, the Adorrau00b2 has got you covered. Its fixed XXL shopping basket can hold up to 5 kg.

Magic buckle
The magic-fast, magnetic quick-lock harness enables you to fasten in your little one in the blink of an eye.


Rain cover
Shopping basket
Sun canopy
Parasol clip
Bumper bar


open: cm. 105 (h) x 96,5 x 59,5 - weight kg. 12,2
folded: cm. 82,5 x 59 x 59,5



Sleep, slide & go - Jade. The healthy carrycot for safe and cosy journeys.

From birth up to approx. 6 months
0 - 9 kg

Perfect lie-flat position at all times
Highest safety standards (R129)
Slide&Go ISOFIX installation
Part of 3way car seat Family


Take a look at our unique safety carrycot, Jade! Awarded an outstanding 5-star rating by the German Stiftung Warentest (STIWA), Jade complies with the highest safety regulations (R129) and lets babies sleep longer in the healthiest way on the go.


Maxi-Cosi Jade car carrycot can be installed securely onto the back seat of your car with its unique Slide & Go installation!

Install the Maxi-Cosi Jade Carrycot by simply sliding it onto the 3wayFix ISOFIX car seat base. With one simple Slide”, you are ready to Go”.. The interactive light and sound feedback from the ISOFIX system makes it even easier.

Thanks to the unique Slide & Go installation, you can also transfer your baby from stroller to car without waking them up, allowing for the easiest and safest journeys yet.


At Maxi-Cosi we have carried over 50 million babies home from the hospital. Your child’s safety is our top priority.

Experts suggest that newborns shouldn’t travel in an upright position for more than two hours straight, and they should sleep as much as possible in the best position—flat on their back. Yet, we still see babies placed in seats for longer than recommended.

This has driven us to develop Jade – a car carrycot that enables the healthy lie-flat position and allows for undisturbed sleep while traveling by car. It is like another bed for your baby! That’s why you no longer need to worry about their comfort and safety when taking them on long trips.

Our innovative way of combining the comfort of carrycots with the safety and convenience of car seats, has been given an excellent 5-star rating by the Stiftung Warentest (STIWA)*.

In addition, the Jade safety carrycot complies with the latest and highest safety regulation (R129), giving your newborn improved head, neck and side impact protection.

Are you not confident enough when it comes to installation? We’ve got you covered! The interactive light and sound feedback on the 3wayFix base will confirm correct installation, and Jade’s 3-point safety harness allows you to fasten your little one firmly and safely.

* Stiftung Warentest is the German leading and independent consumer testing organisation. They carry out bi-annual car seat tests on safety, usability and ergonomics. STIWA highly recommends Jade for newborns.

Safe and cosy carrycot for longer trips

Car seats are for traveling, carrycots are for sleeping. We have combined them to offer a solution for your newborn to travel safely and sleep comfortably for long trips!

As safe as a car seat and as comfortable as a carrycot, not only can our Jade carrycot be securely installed in your car, it also provides a 180° flat sleeping position, the safest and healthiest way for your newborn to rest.

This way, the safety carrycot offers the utmost comfort for sleeping babies during short rides to the supermarket and longer family trips.

The Jade does not compromise on the safety of your little one. Complying with the highest safety regulation (R129), Jade offers proven head, neck and side impact protection.

It is very easy to install onto the 3wayFix base in the back of the car, providing a safe ISOFIX and a highly convenient Slide & Go installation.

With its modern design and leather finishing, Jade becomes a very stylish pram in just a few seconds when you attach it to any Maxi-Cosi stroller frame. You don’t even have to wake your little one up when making the switch from the car carrycot to the stroller!

Travel system

Maxi-Cosi Jade is part of the 3way Family, offering a solution from birth up to 4 years. The Jade fits on the 3wayFix ISOFIX base, which is also compatible with the Pebble Plus baby car seat and the Pearl Pro i-Size toddler car seat.

This gives you a solution from childbirth up to 4 years of age.

And it fits on any Maxi-Cosi stroller for a practical travel system!


ISOFIX installation with visual and audible feedback provides safe and easy way of installing Jade
Easy ISOFIX installation in cars via unique sliding technique on the 3wayFix base (coming soon) and seamless connection to Maxi-Cosi strollers
Newly designed ergonomic release buttons are easy to access from both sides
Jade cover can be easily removed and washed
Washing instructions can be found on the cover
Comfortable and protective newborn inlay provides a highly comfortable and safe lying position for newborns
Jade's large sun canopy provides your baby with optimal sun protection
Soft mattress gives your baby maximum comfort
The harness can be put aside when not used in the car, granting your baby even more sleep comfort
Jade complies with the highest safety standard (R129) providing the best possible protection for head and neck
Jade has been designed for safety and comfort by using automotive shock absorbing materials for optimal impact protection
Fasten your baby firmly, safely and comfortably with the 3-point safety harness
Jade can be repositioned on the base in the car to provide the optimal safety position for babies
Long-lasting value with 3wayFix base

dimensions cm. 58 x 80,5 x 47,5
weight kg. 6,05



Maxi-Cosi Tinca i-Size is a lightweight car seat designed with your baby's safety in mind. Weighing only 3.2kg the Tinca i-Size is easier to carry than most conventional car seats while still providing the same high standard of i-Size safety for your child.

The Tinca by Maxi-Cosi is designed to fit in most cars and has two different installation choices so you can fit it to your needs. Either install the Tinca using the car seat belt or for additional safety, you can install it using the FamilyFix2 or Tinca ISOFIX bases (sold separately) and install it onto the ISOFIX connectors in your car. With an ISOFIX base, all you have to do is install the base into the car, then you can remove the car seat from the base with a simple click, and secure it onto the base using the visual indicators to ensure that it has been installed correctly.

The Tinca is an i-Size car seat meaning that it ensures the highest current standard of safe rearward-facing travel by providing extra protection for your baby's head using Side Impact Protection with its improved impact-absorbing material. The newborn inlay included with the Tinca also ensures an ideal and snug fit for your child from the newborn stage. Alongside this, the headrest cushion is also there to keep them comfortable and happy on every journey, while the large UV protective sun canopy keeps their eyes protected from harmful UV rays on sunny days.

The Tinca is designed to be compatible with the majority of Maxi-Cosi strollers with easy attachment and removal using memory release buttons resulting in a sturdy travel system perfect for getting your little one out and about with ease. The Tinca's cover fabrics can also be easily removed and machine washed at 30 degrees so cleaning up after any particularly messy journeys is a breeze.

Suitable from birth
i-Size compliant
ISOFIX and belted installation
Side-impact protection
Cosy newborn inlay & headrest cushion
Large UV protective canopy
Travel System Compatible
Machine washable at 30 degrees
Compatible with FamilyFix2 & Tinca bases

Height suitability: 45 - 75cm
Weight suitability: up to 12kg

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