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2 in 1 Walker Dots Hauck Hauck

2 in 1 Walker Dots Hauck Hauck € 122.90

2 in 1 Walker Dots Hauck

Mobile playcenter and walker
Converts easily
With stair stoppers
Supports the development of motor skills
Great flashing lights in cross-bar
Multi-functional play element with music


The colorful playcenter incites your child to make movements which support the development of his/her motor skills. Pushing on the buttons makes songs and lights come out. Nevertheless, should you want it, you may turn it off or simply remove the playcenter. The now empty space is perfect for other toys or snacks.

Once your little one is better at walking you can remove seat and playcenter with few actions and convert it in a walker. Thanks to its 3-position height-adjustment, the 2in1 Walker grows along with your child.

2in1 Walker is playcentre and walker in one. As soon as your little one begins to toddle, the 2in1 Walker is ideal for learning to walk in a playful way. Just put your child in the seat and by gripping on the lateral handles, your little discoverer can safely make the first walking attempts. Stoppers ensure your child's safety.


This colourful 2 in1 Walker is a mobile playcentre and walking frame in one.

As soon as your little one begins to toddle, 2in1 Walker is simply ideal to learn to walk in a playful manner. Simply put your child in its seat and the fun may begin! The little discover can hold onto the two lateral handles, while wheels make it even more entertaining. Nevertheless, stoppers prevent your child from falling down from stairs.

The playcentre invites the little hands to grab and turn around the different elements supporting the development of your child's motor skills. And when pushing the buttons, children's rhymes begin to play and the colourful lights will mesmerize your little discoverer. To parents' delight, the playcentre can be turned off, too, or completely removed. The now free place offers space for other toys or little snacks.

The height-adjustable 2in1 Walker can even more! Once your little one can walk a little bit better, the seat unit can be removed. Thanks to its 3 differents height-adjsutment, this walker will grow along with your child.

Product net weight 5,00 kg

Folded 74 x 55 x 58 cm
Built up 74 x 58 x 62 cm

Sound module
Play tray (detachable)
Safety lock for stairs
Blinking light
Height-adjustment 3x
Convertible to walker
Removable seat

from 6 months to 12 kg

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  • 122.90€