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Aqua Spa C260 ORSO LUNA Cam

Age of use:For babies weighing 0-15 kg.;Description:soft changing mattress with non-tip and pull-out..


Baby Block C260 ORSO LUNA Cam

Changing mattress that you can fix to the bed with raised edges for home and away. - Ideal for babie..


Brevettato C260 ORSO LUNA Cam

Brevettato is the comfortable playpen ideal for children from 5 to 24 months, who love playing with ..


Brevettato Millegiochi C260 ORSO LUNA Cam

- Age of use: 5-24 months (up to 15 kg.);- Made in Italy;- With 4 support handles, padded anti bite ..


Cambio C260 ORSO LUNA Cam

- Age of use: 0-12 months;- Made in Italy;- Features: Soft changing mat with drop prevention system,..


Campione C260/C38 ORSO LUNA Cam

Campione, the highchair that can be used with one hand only! - Age of use: 6-36 months;- Easy to use..


Lusso C260 ORSO LUNA Cam

Lusso is the practical playpen for children from 5 to 24 months, ideal when there is no room enough...


Mini Plus C260 ORSO LUNA Cam

Mini Plus, the practical highchair to enjoy mealtime. - Age of use: 6-36 months;- Provided with a ve..


Pappananna C260 MOSTRICIATTOLI Cam

- Age of use: from birth to 9 months in “cradle” mode / 6-36 months in highchair mode;- Made in Ital..


Piano fasciatoio C260 ORSO LUNA Cam

Made in Italy, practical and universalUSAGE INFORMATIONfrom 0 to 11 kg.DESCRIPTIONSoft changing mat ..


Smarty POP C260 ORSO LUNA Cam

Smarty is the revolutionary universal booster highchair with tray, ideal for babies who want to eat ..


Volare C260 ORSO LUNA Cam

Volare is the folding changing station for children from 0 to 12 months. - Provided with a well-padd..