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Viaggio 2-3 Flex FOREST Peg Perego Peg Perego

Viaggio 2-3 Flex FOREST Peg Perego Peg Perego € 236.90

Viaggio 2-3 Flex FOREST Peg Perego

Group 2-3, UNIVERSAL category, use with the car's 3-point seat belt. Group 2-3, SEMI UNIVERSAL category, use with the car's 3-point seat belt and the Isofix attachment points in the car. -

Suitable from/to From 3 to about 12 years. Child's weight 15-36 kg.

Front facing. Can also be used with the airbag inserted.

Protection, safety and advanced technology.
The Viaggio 2-3 Flex car seat is so flexible you can use it for a longer period of time compared to other car seats. Suitable for children from 3 to 12 years (15 to 36 kg) it will be your child’s travelling companion for many years, ensuring safety and protection at every stage of his or her growth.

It is technologically advanced and can be adjusted in a number of positions. When not in use it can be folded on itself, so it takes up little room and the fabric is protected over time

4D Total Adjust system
Viaggio 2-3 Flex has everything you need to travel safely and comfortably. Thanks to the 4D Total Adjust technology it can be adjusted in 4 different directions which are all independent from one another.

1. The height of the headrest can be adjusted in 5 positions in relation to the backrest.
2. The upper part (backrest and headrest) can be adjusted in 3 positions.
3. The side protections open out so the width of the seat can be extended by no less than 10 centimetres.
4. The anatomic seat can be adjusted with just one hand and set in 5 positions.

Utmost stability on cornering is guaranteed by the Surefix Base.
Viaggio 2-3 Flex can be used in a car in two ways:
• with the car’s 3-point seat belt alone if the car does not have Isofix attachment points;
• alternatively, in addition to the seat belt, by attaching the car seat to the Isofix attachment points with the integrated Surefix Base.

Thanks to the integrated Surefix Base, the Viaggio 2-3 Flex car seat can be rigidly attached to the vehicle by using the car’s Isofix attachment points. In this way the car seat is always correctly installed in the car and is perfectly stable even when going round corners and turning!
The innovative Blind Lock attaching system prevents the car seat from being accidentally released by another passenger.
The car seat is fully installed by using the three-point seat belt, which is always used safely thanks to the practical, large seat belt loops.

All Side Impact Protection, maximum safety.
The Viaggio 2-3 Flex car seat has been tested so that it ensures all the body’s sensitive areas are safe.
The wide curving headrest is lined with EPS to increase energy absorption in the case of a crash. It ensures children (even taller ones) have maximum protection in the case of side impacts.

The aluminium-reinforced backrest ensures safety and protection against whiplash in the case of front-end car accidents and additional protection against intrusions in the case of rear-end collision. The wide side wings lined with EPS offer maximum protection to shoulders and chest in the case of side collision.

Practical, it folds onto itself.
Light and adjustable into lots of positions, the backrest of the Viaggio 2-3 Flex car seat folds down onto itself when not in use, which makes this a very practical car seat indeed.
When the child is not in the car:
•it is easy to store in the boot,
• when folded, the rear view is improved,
• the seat’s fabric is better protected from dust and heats up less in the summer.

Comfort? It comes as standard!
It is great to travel cuddled in comfort. The extreme comfort provided by the Viaggio 2-3 Flex car seat is ensured by unique details:
• comfortable seat made from polyurethane, just like the real seats in cars;
• 2 side cupholders that can be folded away;
• broad, protective backrest and wide-curving headrest thatprotects against side collisions;
• reclining seat for pleasant naps;
• practical handle for transport.

Shell made from special polypropylene for car seats, covered in EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) to maximise energy absorption in case of impact.
Upholstery Fabric combined with open-cell form as used in the car industry.
Size Folded: H 250 mm; L 440 mm; W 600 mm
Open: H 660 mm; L 440 mm; W 560 mm Extended: H 820 mm; L 540 mm; W 660 mm
Weight 6.7 kg

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