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B-Swing pavone Baciuzzi

B-Swing pavone Baciuzzi € 103.90

B-Swing pavone

Suitable for children from 6 months up to 12 kg

It can be used by the child as a BABY WALKER, or as a BABY SWING.
- Absolute novelty: The NET panties allow the child a light and airy seat, and allows the mother a very easy maintenance in the cleaning and washing of the product.

Ideal for outdoor life in the summer season because it can also be washed with the garden tube, but it is also very practical in the winter because it dries quickly.
- Adjustable in 3 heights
- Tray with removable games
- Throttle and protective device that locks the wheels close the stairs
- Compact closure, easy to transport and easily folds
- Ideal for any environment
- Open dimensions: 70 X 74 X 53
- Closed dimensions 70 X 74 X 14
- Weight: 5,94 kg

The new B-SWING is ideal to follow your baby's growth at the beginning of the first steps. It has a console with colorful games, it is used as a BABY WALKER or as a ROCKER, in compliance with the security regulations envisaged.
- The seat-back is well padded and offers a comfortable comfort to the child, in the respect of italian taste, the look is always cared for and pleasing.
- The height adjustment in 3 positions makes it suitable for the activity development and height of the baby.

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