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Pet Gate white BD50914-5491-10 Baby Dan

Pet Gate white BD50914-5491-10 Baby Dan € 123.90

Pet Gate white BD50914-5491-10

This Pet Gate measures 1 metre and 5 cm, making it one of the tallest Baby and Pet gates available on the market. The unique feature of this gate is the pressure indicator application, that highlight when the gate has been installed correctly. As a true pressure fitted gate not requiring screw fittings or even adhesive strips, this is the easiest to install and secure Baby and Pet gate available.


Fits standard widths of 73cm to 86cm.

Standard fit of gate 73cm to 80cm, with one free extension included in the package.

Pressure mounted - no need for DIY or screw fittings.

Opens either way.

Can be installed to fit against rounded bannister pounds with the use of Y spindles.

Complies with European Safety Testing Standards.

Extensions available for this gate:

1 x Extension 80 - 86 cm (Included with Gate)

2 x Extensions 86 - 93 cm

3 x Extensions 93 - 99.5 cm

4 x Extensions 99.5 - 106.5 cm

5 x Extensions 106.5 - 113.5 cm

6 x Extensions 113.5 - 120 cm

Each extend-a-gate box contains 2 extension poles.

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